Off-White x Nike Air VaporMax


Step into the realm of high fashion and innovation with the Off-White x Nike Air VaporMax collaboration. These reps shoes represent a fusion of two iconic brands, resulting in a statement piece that captures attention.

Designed by the visionary Virgil Abloh, the Off-White x Nike Air VaporMax reps shoes showcase a harmonious blend of Off-White’s distinctive aesthetics and Nike’s groundbreaking technology. The unique design elements, from signature text details to transparent air cushioning units, create a visual and functional masterpiece.

Specification Description
Style AA3831-002
Retail Price $250
Release Date 03/30/2018

If you’re on a mission to enhance your reps shoes collection with iconic pieces, look no further. The Nike VaporMax Off-White Black reps shoes offer a blend of artistic innovation and distinctive design that’s synonymous with Abloh’s creative touch. Don’t miss your chance to own a remarkable piece of sneaker history.

Off-White x Air VaporMax Part 2 Black - AA3831-002 | Sneaker Rep Ret Websites
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