Shipping Methods

Fast Worldwide Shipping

Fast Worldwide Shipping Service. USPS/DPD/EUB/FEDEX/DHL is our defaulted shipment method, and can be shipped to almost all countries and areas.

You will get a confirmation email for your order (Sometimes it goes to your trash bin, Please check the purchasing shoe info, Address, and contacts) after you finish your payment successfully. Your Order may take from 3~5 days to process. We will email you the express tracking number in about 3~5 days.


Below are the timeframes for International Shipping:


US  USPS-Free Shipping(12-15 Business Day)

       FEDEX-Flat Rate(7-10 Business Day)

Canada Brazil (15-20 Business Day)


UK France Spain Portugal Netherlands (15-20 Business Day)

Other European Union (28 Countries) (20-25 Business Day)


Japan Singapore Hongkong (15-20 Business Day)

Russia (15-20 Business Day)


Australia (20-25 Business Day)

New Zealand (20-25 Business Day)

Other Countries (20-25 Business Day)


1. The package will be returned if it is not picked up in 10 days after arrival. Customers need to pay for the returning freight cost.

2. If it happens to be a holiday, there would be 2 or 3 days delay in delivery.

3. If it is force majeure (COVID-19, etc.), determine the delivery and receipt time according to local conditions.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our shipping info you may contact us.

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