“Best Value Nike SB Dunk Low Reps? Court Purple Review.”

SB Dunk Low Court Purple - BQ6817-500 | Sneaker Rep Ret Websites


Today, we got a detailed look and breakdown of these Replica sneakers right here. This is the Nike SB Dunk Low Court Purple Reps Sneakers in the Court Purple colorway, a shoe that I swore was released already, and guess what? It was way back in 2021. Feels so long ago, yet not weird. But anyways, these guys came back on January 27th. I was able to grab these on Reps Sneakers, believe it or not.

Pricing Confusion

I will say that pricing for Nike Dunks is all over the place right now. I don’t really understand it. These were $115. I’ve seen other Nike SB Dunks Reps that go for $125. When we go to the regular Dunks like the Sportswear variety, they’re anywhere between $100 to $110, all the way up to $125 or more. Why? I don’t know. If some of them are premium, some of them aren’t, I don’t really get it.

Best Value Dunks

But either way, I have said this since this rendition of the Nike SB Dunk Low Court Purple Reps Sneakers, that these are just the best dunks that you can get, price-wise, value for your money, all of that stuff. Like what you get in this reps sneakers is just bar none better than any of the Sportswear releases, and this is a fact, okay? It’s not an opinion, it is a fact. It’s because there’s actually tech in these, and there’s just not in the other ones. So what are you paying for with regular Dunks? Nostalgia or maybe in this case, since most people don’t actually have nostalgia for the Dunk Low, you know, the people that are buying them and wearing them, it’s just, you’re buying it for hype.

Nike SB Dunk Low Court Purple Reps Sneakers
Nike SB Dunk Low Court Purple Reps Sneakers – BQ6817-500 | Reps Sneakers Websites At Retsneakers.com

Nike SB Legacy

It’s a popular Rep Shoe, cool colorways, they’re available now, easy. It’s like a pair of Blazers, you know what I mean? Just simple, clean, matches with everything, is a good cop. As far as the Nike SB version of the Dunk is concerned, these guys are just teched out for skateboarding, but I really love these casually. I don’t skate anymore, uh, the most that you’ll get out of me is some longboard action. I used to skate back when I was a kid in high school. It’s kind of like my mode of transportation everywhere, to the bus stop, to the basketball court, to the parks, and uh, we didn’t have stuff like this back then.

The Origins of Nike SB

We had actual skate products from actual skate brands that were created by actual skaters. This, believe it or not, the Nike SB platform or the Nike SB sector of Nike as a company was created by Sandy Bodecker, which is what some people consider the SB to stand for. So it could stand for Skateboarding or it can also stand for Sandy Bodecker. He’s actually passed, so you know, rest in peace to him.

The Evolution of Nike SB Dunk Reps Sneakers

Also, fun fact for those of you guys that were wondering like I actually was, why the Air Jordan 4 Reps was turned into a Nike SB product, Sandy Bodecker actually is the reason for that. So way back in 1989 when Tinker was creating, he actually was doing it back in 1988, but he was creating the Air Jordan 4, guess who helped him? Sandy Bodecker, that’s right.

Performance Enhancements

So yeah, just in case you were wondering why like myself, I ended up speaking with people from the Nike SB team and they gave me a slew of information that I just didn’t know about the shoe and stuff like that, the tech information. So I’ll get more into that later, but yeah, as far as like, you know, a slight little backstory there, it is.

Innovations in Design

Now as far as this Reps Shoe is concerned, when the Nike SB line first reintroduced the Dunks as a skate model, the most that they did was actually add a fat, puffy tongue, which these guys have. There was a period of time where they had slimmed out tongues, still more puffy than a regular nylon tongue that you would see in a Sportswear version of the Nike Dunk, but the more modern versions are back to puff tongue action, which I prefer.

The Technical Side

I think that they just look and feel awesome. But over the years, the reps sneakers has kind of changed and morphed into a more skate-friendly reps sneakers, and that’s what this version of the reps sneakers is. So if you go and look at the outsole right here, this is not a traditional Nike Dunk bottom. A Nike Dunk bottom actually looks like an Air Ship or an Air Jordan 1. These guys, they change it around to where you just get greater board feel and greater traction on your board.

Enhanced Comfort

So there’s all of this radio, this is actually great for basketball, and yes, the Dunk is a basketball reps shoe turned into a skate reps sneakers. But this is just a really awesome change-up. Like I know that purists might be like, “Hey, what the hell?” but no, like performance-wise, this is a great change. I think this is awesome. This is kind of a pro tour before pro tour because they were doing this long before the Kobe pro tour line.

The Cupsole Innovation

Another one of the coolest changes that they’ve made, in my opinion, the coolest is actually the cupsole. So originally, there was a normal cupsole, it’s hollow, it’s got like weird little grids in there if you were able to pull out a Strobel and all of that stuff, it’s a very strange-looking thing. But any cupsole that is hollowed out, meaning that there’s no tech in it, that’s what they look like. So a pair of Vans or a pair of Blazers, you know what does a good job of showing that off is the Doc Martens because clear with the clear bottoms, yeah, you can see all the cutouts in them, that’s exactly what I’m talking about and that is a great reference.

Nike SB Dunk Low Court Purple Reps Sneakers
Nike SB Dunk Low Court Purple Reps Sneakers – BQ6817-500 | Reps Sneakers Websites At Retsneakers.com

Superior Cushioning

So hopefully, we’ll have a picture somewhere, but what they’ve done with these newer Nike SB Dunks, and by newer I use that very loosely because about 10 years ago is when they made the change, so it’s not actually new anymore. But the midsole itself is hollowed out, so it’s still a cupsole, but it doesn’t have that weird grid system in there where that was like the only source of stability and cushion. Instead, what you can see right here at the midfoot is just this black foam section that’s actually injected Phylon inside of the midsole itself. So you have a really cool system where it’s a hollow cupsole, but inside of that is not just straight dense rubber, it’s actually like modern foam. And again, that’s just great for casual skate, whatever like performance lifestyle, whatever it is that you want to do in these, that’s awesome.

Advanced Insole Technology

Now on top of all of that, Nike SB Dunk Low Court Purple Reps Sneakers is known for having the best insole ever and I’m not like that’s not hyperbole from my end it’s just fact it’s just awesome and these are those insoles this is something that has been a

Nike SB staple you know forever as far as I’m aware so I know that they might not look like much from the top-down view or anything but when you turn them around that’s where all the tech is and originally this is all the tech that there was but now that they’ve changed the midsoles to where there’s actually foam inside of the cupsole it’s just got extra layers of cushion now so I think that that’s a great move as well.

Advanced Cushioning System

So what we have here is a Zoom Air unit in the heel, it’s not a thick unit or anything like it’s not like it’s 10 mm or whatever it’s a very small unit but it’s better than nothing. And then on top of that, the forefoot area is Poron, this stuff is awesome this believe it or not is what the forefoot of the Air Jordan 4 SB Rep actually has in it that was one of those things that they had stated in the press release and I was like there’s no way that they changed the midsole and spent all that money turns out they weren’t Jordan brand that’s literally a Nike SB product it was so fascinating to learn that was their budget so it was literally a Nike SB team retooling the Jordan 4 to original specs and everything so hats off to the Nike SB team for doing that because you and I all know that Jordan brand wasn’t wasting their time doing that I don’t know why cause it’s their reps sneakers but hey that’s not my business

Conclusion: Superior Materials and Fit

But anyways, in the forefoot of the Air Jordan 4 instead of having an encapsulated air sole unit it is a pad of this Poron which is why they’re so uncomfortable and that’s what we have here this is directly underneath your foot. So again Zoom Air in the back Poron in the front injected phylon inside the cupsole tell me that doesn’t sound awesome and yes It smells awesome too uh to my surprise for the price the materials are actually not bad whatsoever you actually do have actual leather throughout the entire Reps Shoe which I think is awesome cause we don’t get that with regular dunks unless it’s the premium variety you know what I mean? And I believe those are the more expensive ones the $125 and up not your precious Pandas but all the other ones now the leather is not premium or anything but it is actual leather it’s got a soft feel to it which I was really surprised with because some of the past releases that I personally reviewed like the ones that were from like 10 11 years ago they had like a really thick PU coat on there and it was for skating obviously so it was to protect the material make it last a little bit longer sometimes it would have a heavy Pebble on it so it would look a little weird but again the purpose for that was durability whereas these guys right here I’m just kind of surprised that they are as nice as they are I just wouldn’t have guessed that I thought that they were going to have cardboard leather and they don’t they still have the rolled edges around the rim right here this is something that we actually talked about in the Ashad 2os so that’s something where it’s not going to peel the panel right off of your toe or your reps sneakers the forefoot and all that stuff with all your flick tricks uh there’s still no triple stitching that’s something that was a skate staple with actual skate brands back in the ’90s and 2000s where there was a triple stitch line especially at the toe cause that’s primarily where the flick tricks happen obviously there’s heel flicks and stuff like that too but that’s what the purpose of this is so again it’s a little bit different than a normal dunk where a normal dunk is a straight-up cut so you’ll be able to see the materials you could see that with all the panels in the back but not the one right here in the toe another fun fact about the SB dunk is that you can actually unlace the entire reps sneakers and pull these forefoot flaps out and then lace the laces underneath it so that this is a barrier of protection for your laces so that they don’t get chewed up on those flick tricks on day one however this is something that I’ve been talking about this is where like the Asad twos and I’m just kind of like bro what the hell almost every Nike SB I’ve ever bought has come with two sets of laces because everybody knows that skaters blow through laces faster than anything and they do come with them so there we go now one last switch up that they actually change between this and a regular dunk is actually right here in the back of the collar there’s actually heel notches there’s some pillows back there that are going to cup that little area of your ankle where your Achilles is at just for a more secure fit and everything like that I think that’s great especially for skating cause some skaters like to tie their rps sneakers up tight but a lot of them don’t a lot of them like to just slip them on and just go and when you do that you don’t want them flopping around and stuff like that so that will help with that now as far as the fit is concerned that’s the one thing that I don’t love about these they do fit true to size so that’s a plus but they also fit a little weird compared to what I remember from all my old SBs so the toe box areas just fits a little bit like more volume or whatever around my foot doesn’t fit as close to the foot as maybe they used to I don’t know if they changed the last over the years I assume that they would cause I’m pretty sure they’ve changed factories but for whatever reason it feels a little bit different at least to me maybe they’ll break in and they’ll feel perfect again but with all that being said if you want to buy these rep sneakers you can visit our online store Retsneakers.com .

Nike SB Dunk Low Court Purple Reps Sneakers
Nike SB Dunk Low Court Purple Reps Sneakers – BQ6817-500 | Reps Sneakers Websites At Retsneakers.com

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