Air Jordan 6 Retro Washed Denim Sneakers

Air Jordan 6 Retro sneakers in all their iconic glory.

Product Name: Air Jordan 6 Retro Washed Denim Sneakers

Nickname: Jordan 6 Retro Washed Denim


Retail Price: $132

Release Date: 12/28/2019

SKU: CZ0789-105

Available Sizes: Available for both.

Special Service:

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    Product Description:

    Elevate your Replica Sneaker collection with the Air Jordan 6 Retro Washed Denim. These Reps sneakers offer a unique blend of style and comfort:

    Feature Description
    Denim Aesthetic The entire silhouette is adorned with blue denim, giving the sneakers a fashionable and contemporary appearance.
    Contrast Details Sail, Varsity Red, and Black details beautifully complement the denim upper, creating a harmonious and eye-catching design.
    Leather Accents Patches of leather are strategically incorporated into the design, combining with denim and rubber elements to complete the sneaker’s distinctive look.

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