Air Jordan 4 Retro Bred (2012) Replica Sneakers Review

Air Jordan 4 Retro Bred 2012 reps - 308497-089 | Good Reps Ret For Shoes

Air Jordan 4 Retro Bred (2012) Replica Sneakers are back for the first time since 2012; however, this is the first time they’re back like this since 1999. So, for those of you who don’t know, many people call these the “Bread” Air Jordan 4s. I call them the “Black and Cement” Air Jordan 4 Retro. I don’t care what anybody calls them; you guys can call them whatever you’d like. The shoe itself is my favorite Air Jordan. My favorite colorway is the “White and Cement,” but this is the pair that I tend to rock the most, and this is my 2012 pair. These are destroyed, so this is my 2012 pair, and they are pretty beat. This doesn’t happen anymore to the new stuff; I haven’t had a pair of threes or fours do this like paint chipping since I can’t even remember, but it’s been a while.

Comparing the Classics: 2012 vs. New Release

This Reps shoe right here, the new pair, looks fantastic, man. Especially in comparison, there are going to be things that people like more in the 2012 pair than this one right here, but it just depends on what you want out of your shoe. Now, before I compare the two, the things that I love about this guy right here are, the materials. It’s not premium, I’ll just let you guys know right off the bat. It never was either; this shoe was back in 1989 and featured durable synthetic nubuck, and that’s exactly what these guys feature right here. So, they’re trying to get this thing as close to the original as possible. The 2012 actually featured actual nubuck; it wasn’t premium or anything either, but that one had some hair to it, it had real grain to it, it wasn’t completely synthetic. So, the material quality of the 2012 is a little bit better than these if we’re just comparing apples to apples. But if we’re comparing this to the original or this to the 1999 pair, this is closer to that than the 2012 pair.

Want to buy Air Jordan 4 Retro Bred 2012 Reps Shoes? - 308497-089 | Good Reps Shoes available here
Where to buy the Air Jordan 4 Retro Bred Sneakers? – 308497-089 | Good Reps Shoes At

Feature table of Air Jordan 4 Retro Bred

The rest of the Reps hoe is pretty standard for an Air Jordan 4 Retro; you have a polyurethane midsole right there, you have a visible heel air unit, and you also have an encapsulated air unit in the forefoot. You have multi-directional herringbone traction right here; we do have the Nike Air back here on the back, and the thing that I love is that this guy right here is nice and soft. The other one on the 2012 would just dig right into my ankles; they were super thick, they didn’t move too much, and these guys are just nice and soft, real rubbery. Same thing with the little wings right there on the sides. And then another key thing that they feature within the shoe is a polyurethane insole; this guy right here is awesome, it gives you additional stepping comfort. This was included on the recent Black and Infrared Air Jordan 6, as well as the 2018 White and Concord Air Jordan 11, as well as 2018, I think they were called the Pure Platinums. I didn’t grab a pair of those; I didn’t like them, but they came with them as well, and they also feature the Nike Air branding on there. So, for any of you OG heads, it’s there, it’s awesome.

Feature Details
Name Air Jordan 4 Retro Bred(2012) Replica Sneakers
SKU 308497-089
Retail Price $135
Release Date 01.11.2012
Sizes Available Men and Women
Special Service Quality Control (QC) Pictures

Reps Shoe Design Analysis

Now, one thing that they are missing is the kind of white trim within all of the cuts; this is just straight black. I don’t know if they make material like that anymore where you can see the kind of recycled fabric underneath it, but this is how these Reps Shoes are coming, and I don’t mind too much. I just think that it makes it look like, you know, a cleaner-looking Reps Shoe with the all-black, but I would have loved to have seen the white trim. But I love that we have the little lace crowns right here, the little eyelets, the plastic pieces. They also look like basketball nets; I’m not sure what they are. I always call them lace crowns, but I love that they look just like the originals. The 2012 pair didn’t; they were missing the little extra plastic pieces on the side that to me was like a huge pet peeve. It didn’t stop me from buying the Reps Shoe, but it was one of those things where I was like, man, I wish that they had those on there, and now they’re back, and I just love the way that it looks.

Want to buy Air Jordan 4 Retro Bred 2012 Reps Shoes? - 308497-089 | Good Reps Shoes available here
Where to buy the Air Jordan 4 Retro Bred Sneakers? – 308497-089 | Good Reps Shoes At

Nike Air Tag Comparison

It does have a Nike Air tag, and this Nike Air tag is awesome; this is very close to the original, unlike the past releases where they have this guy right here. And this is like, I never really liked these; I thought that they were always cool as a little trinket, but like I would always just take them off and put them in the box. Some people like to wear their shoes with this on them; I always thought that was weird because this is thick and it’s kind of heavy. This one I could see more people wanting to wear on there; I still wouldn’t, but I can see it’s super lightweight, it’s a little piece of plastic, and you know, I love the way that this looks in comparison to this. Best Reps Shoes website 2024

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Want to buy Air Jordan 4 Retro Bred 2012 Reps Shoes? - 308497-089 | Good Reps Shoes available here
Where to buy the Air Jordan 4 Retro Bred Sneakers? – 308497-089 | Good Reps Shoes At

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