“Review: Air Jordan 4 White-on-White – A Year-Round Essential”

Air Jordan 4 Retro Pure Money Sneakers Reps - 308497-100 | sneaker rep websites, ret sneakers

Today, we got a quick detailed look and review of these bad boys Reps Jordan 4 Retro Pure Money . In my personal opinion, this is the only Reps Shoe that you need this summer. Now, I say that with all bias because one, I really like Jordans Reps, and two, I really loved the Air Jordan 4 and three, white-on-white sneakers are just crisp and clean.

Now, these are a pair of Rep Shoes that I’ve wanted for quite some time. I remember way back in the day they released a retro plus colorway, it was the white and chrome tinkerer before they actually didn’t have the netting here. They looked very similar to the Columbias with the perforated leather panels and all that stuff. Essentially, the same exact colorway. They were white with the chrome tips and all that stuff. And then a couple of years later, they actually released this colorway right here that had the netting, and they released those alongside a Black Cat Air Jordan 4. They did the same exact thing with the Air Jordan 3, there’s like a pack basically, there was the Pure Money 3s and 4s, and then there was the Black Cat 3s and 4s. Those might have also come with posters or something like that, I can’t remember, it was back in 2006.

Air Jordan 4 Retro Pure Money Replica Sneakers - 308497-100 | Sneaker Rep Websites, ret sneakers
Air Jordan 4 Retro Pure Money Replica Sneakers | Sneaker Rep Websites, Ret sneakers


Getting My Air Jordan 4s: From Missing Out to Finally Succeeding

I never ever got a pair, but I really wanted them. I did end up getting the Black Cats eventually, the Black Cat 3s, but never wound up with a pair of the Black 4s or Pure Money 4s. And then the Silver Anniversary thing happened back with the Silver Anniversary 11s, and they re-released these along with the Pure Money 3s, and they just kind of renamed them the Silver Anniversary, even though they legit had Pure Money stamped in the back.
It was like, I don’t know, to me it was really lame, even though I did buy those 3s because like I said, why not, why is this too clean to pass up?

Fast forward to now and I finally got a pair. Now, these guys, in my opinion, are a really nice shoe. Material quality, I like the materials for the most part more on these than I have on any of the other past Air Jordan releases. It’s similar to the Columbias where it’s that really nice soft kind of tumbled but kind of not leather, more of a textured leather rather than a tumbled leather. Now, there are two sections of synthetic leather right here in the collar and then the entire back heel tab, everything else though is actual leather which is great.

They fit perfect as well, so if you wanted to grab a pair, true to size is what I would recommend. And something that I noticed is that they changed the little vamp right here at the toe. I don’t know if that’s just this pair or if they’re doing that from now on or I don’t know what the deal was but they slid the toe down quite a bit and they’re not all reinforced which I like. This is very nice in my opinion, this kind of looks more like an Air Jordan 4 than any of the Air Jordan 4s of the past like what, maybe like a year and a half because they don’t have that boxy toe box and stuff.

Air Jordan 4 Retro Pure Money Replica Sneakers - 308497-100 | Sneaker Rep Websites, ret sneakers
Air Jordan 4 Retro Pure Money Replica Sneakers – 308497-100 | Sneaker Rep Websites, ret sneakers

The Appeal of White-on-White Shoes

Now, because they’re all white, there’s not much to go over. Like I said, the materials are nice, the back portion is synthetic, you got that Pure Money embroidered on the rear heel tab, chromed-out Jumpman, chromed-out eyelets or lace crowns, whatever you want to call them. Some people even call these like Nets of the basketball hoop so I don’t know what they are but they’re Chrome. Got that white on white also and that’s pretty much all she wrote. Retail is going to be 190 on these guys.

The Downside: Shoes Turning Yellow

The downside to these white-on-white shoes is just that they don’t age well, they yellow like crazy. My Silver Anniversary 3s or Pure Money 3s, they have a patent leather rand right there that turned yellow hella quick. I wore the hell out of them though but they turned yellow really quickly. And these guys right here, the netting actually will turn yellow rather fast. The rest of the shoe will age well but that netting for whatever reason yellows like crazy super quickly. So that’s why I say you need these for the summer because you just wear the hell out of them, you beat them to death and then you move on to your fall kicks.

Detailed Design Features

What they should be doing though is releasing these every year because I would buy this shoe every year. It’s not even about doubling up, what I want to do is be able to go into a store, buy a shoe that I know that I like, like a pair of Converse or whatever and just beat it out of them and then go back and re-up on them whenever I need to. That’s what they need to do with these. These are one of those shoes where you could just wear these things all the time and I would stop non-stop.

What Customers Think and How the Market Works

I know that that is a lot especially for an all-white shoe. I think that again that they should just be releasing these once a year then mass quantities, drop them down to like 150, 160 maybe if you want to push it and just get rid of them. I’m pretty sure that people would just buy these if they knew that they were constantly going to be available but you know I guess there’s no exclusivity in that. But let me know what you guys think about these guys down below in the comment section. Is this your must-have shoe for the summer? If not, what is? You like those white on white Air Forces because I know that that’s a staple on the East.

Air Jordan 4 Retro Pure Money Replica Sneakers - 308497-100 | Sneaker Rep Websites, ret sneakers
Air Jordan 4 Retro Pure Money Replica Sneakers – 308497-100 | Sneaker Rep Websites, ret sneakers

Specification Details

There are basic specification details of the Air Jordan 4 Retro Pure Money Replica Sneakers also included in Reps Shoes collections.

Specification Details
Model No 308497-100
Release Date 2017-05-12
Series Air Jordan 4
Nickname Pure Money
Style Sports
Season All Season
Designer Tinker Hatfield
Sole Material Rubber Sole
Toe Type Round Toe
Heel Type Flat heel
Color Way White/Metallic Silver-Off White

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Air Jordan 4 Retro Pure Money Replica Sneakers - 308497-100 | Sneaker Rep Websites, ret sneakers
Air Jordan 4 Retro Pure Money Replica Sneakers – 308497-100 | Sneaker Rep Websites, ret sneakers

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